Featured interview: Ed Miller, Head of IR, on the Q4 Platform – How it benefits both IR teams and agency partners

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Investor Relations is a jack-of-all-trades job. IROs must manage websites, coordinate earnings calls, track shareholder activity, and ensure the highest quality disclosure, transparency, and regulatory compliance. That’s why we sat down with Ed Miller, Head of IR at Q4 and a seasoned industry professional, to discuss his experience using the Q4 platform. Joining the conversation is Sam Bagazzoli, Q4’s Head of Agency and Partnerships, who offers insights into how the platform empowers agencies to serve their clients better.

Ed, thanks for joining us! Can you share some of the common challenges you’ve faced in IR, both through your tenure at various companies of different sizes?

Ed: I was always spread too thin. Managing the website with outdated tools, coordinating communications, and understanding who holds our stock on any given day was overwhelming. Traditional tools left me feeling scattered.

That resonates with many IR professionals. How did you come across the Q4 Platform, and what was your initial impression?

Ed: I first encountered Q4 fifteen years ago and recognized its value immediately. With time, the platform solved the problem of disconnected systems, offering a central hub where all essential IR functions can be managed. But what really surprised me was the potential for data analytics and insights. Suddenly, I could see who was interested in our company and what they cared about.

Sam, could you elaborate on how this helps agencies serve their clients, and IROs can gather this insight too?

Sam: Absolutely. Agencies thrive on providing strategic guidance to their clients, and Q4 provides the data they need.  Think of it like this: it’s no longer about simply reporting on past events; the platform helps IROs gather insights through tools like Engagement Analytics. This empowers agencies to advise clients on proactive IR strategies, targeting efforts, and ultimately, driving better outcomes.

Ed: Couldn’t agree more!

Beyond efficiency, how does the Q4 platform enhance your work as an IRO?

Ed: One of the biggest advantages for me is the data and analytics offered by the platform. With features like Engagement Analytics, I get a real-time view of investor interest and who’s interacting with our materials. This data informs our targeting, outreach, and overall IR strategy.

What part of Q4 are you most excited about right now and why?

Ed: Definitely the potential of AI! Imagine getting proactive alerts about unusual activity on your website, indicating a potential activist investor, or even using AI-powered script generation assistance. These features unlock a whole new level of strategic foresight for the IR function.

Sam, your focus on SaaS allows you to learn about the platform and have a keen interest in learning more about IR to gain the trust of our partners. How does this knowledge help you within Q4?

Sam:  Being inside Q4, I’m constantly on the platform every day, learning and absorbing information about our industry. User feedback plays a major role. It helps me understand client needs and how we can tailor the Q4 platform accordingly.

Want to learn more about how Q4 is transforming investor relations? Watch our recent webinar featuring Ed Miller on the future of IR.

We’re super excited about the upcoming April 11th event with the founder of Q4! Stay tuned for a major product announcement that will transform how agencies and IROs approach their work.

We can’t wait to showcase these new products to our partners across North America. We’re also looking forward to seeing many friends at upcoming industry events, NIRI and CIRI. 

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