Great Panther Silver ($GPL) debuts Social Scene on new website

17 July 2012

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Last week, we shared the highlights from Safeguard?s new mega social stream.? This week, we are going to review some of the key features from Great Panther?s new social scene.

Great Panther Silver Limited is a profitable, primary silver mining and exploration company focused on the mining of precious metals from its two wholly-owned operating mines in Mexico.

In April 2012, Rhonda Bennetto took over the corporate communications function at Great Panther Silver. For those of you who don?t know, prior to this, Rhonda was the Executive Director Investor Communications at TVI Pacific, a small cap mining company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. While at TVI, Rhonda was responsible for implementing a social media program (along with an investment in a new website) to help increase awareness and combat misinformation being shared on chat forums about the company.? She had much success garnering the right attention for the company while gaining respect and subsequently building relationships with investors for fostering a consistent two-way flow of communication. You can read more about her efforts at TVI here:

Based on Rhonda?s positive experience with Q4 while at TVI, and the trust we developed with her as a thought leader in the social media and IR website space, she returned as a client.


As mentioned, the design and animation of our social stream is completely customizable. Great Panther has incorporated their social stream under the guise ?Social Scene?. Social Scene can be accessed in two places on the homepage: The first place is in the left-hand navigation. The second, in a tile of the same name in the center of the page (as shown in the image below):

Underneath the ?Social Scene? tile, they also have a ‘Visual Library’ tile that houses their SlideShare, Flickr and Vimeo accounts. I?ll discuss the visual library shortly.

Clicking ?Social Scene? on the left-hand navigation of the homepage launches a larger landing page of the social stream. As shown in the image below, the social icons are listed under the ?Social Scene? banner.? Clicking on the Panther (the first icon) provides a view of the information the company has shared on all of their social channels.? While clicking on an individual channel icon such as Twitter, StockTwits, SlideShare or Facebook will only show information shared on that particular channel.

The native functionality of each social channel has also been integrated. There are many benefits of doing so. For example, visitors can reply, retweet and favorite a chosen Tweet or view and share Great Panther?s latest corporate presentation (as shown below) ? all from the company?s social scene:


On Great Panther?s homepage, they have a separate tile dedicated to a ?Visual Library?. The Visual Library houses their SlideShare, Flickr and Vimeo accounts.? Clicking on any of the aforementioned icons launches information that is linked in the ?Investors? section of their site. For example, the Flickr icon is linked to ?Photo Galleries? that showcase pictures from their various mining projects:

Similarly, clicking on Vimeo launches a video library:

Great Panther?s social scene was only one component of their website, we felt was worthy of talking about. I encourage you to take the time to check out some of the other interesting features, including a display of tiles of information like the ?tour of the operations? and ?news releases? that carry the visitor through the entire site.

If you want to check out our social stream widget, it’s available for free at:

The service supports:

  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare and StockTwits
  • Filter by Tag to include only specific content from different accounts
  • Various preferences, colours and widget templates
  • Real-time testing of all parameters
  • Copy/paste embed onto any website or blog
  • Available paid version with unlimited customization and live support

Contact us if you have any questions!

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