Cytori Therapeutics ($CYTX) showcases social media on customized IR website

31 July 2012

By Contributor



The third and final social stream we are going to talk about is Cytori Therapeutics. Cytori?s website also has a lot of custom functionality. So I?m also going to showcase some of the other cool features that our Implementations team worked hard to help make a reality.

Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. ($CYTX) is a global leader in regenerative medicine, discovering, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing innovative, high-quality health care technologies and products, which provide real-time, point-of-care access to clinical grade regenerative cells.

Cytori?s social media widget is accessible from the IR landing page (shown below).? As we?ve mentioned previously, the design and animation of our social stream is completely customizable.? One customizable choice that we offer clients is the ability to view a mashup of all the information the company has shared on all of their social channels. In Cytori?s case, they have opted to have information displayed one channel at a time. For example, clicking on an individual channel icon such as StockTwits, Twitter or SlideShare will only show information shared on that particular channel.

You may also see an icon for their blog. On that note, our functionality team worked with Cytori to create a specially designed blog that pulls in content from the social media widget used on the IR landing page:

Note how they make it easy for visitors to easily navigate back to the homepage by prominently featuring ?Cytori Homepage? tab in the top header.

In all of the above examples, widgets are featured throughout the entire site ? specifically in locations such as on the right side of the page, which makes it easy for investors to view and access the information they are looking for.? Widgets help the page look aesthetically pleasing and make it easy to facilitate sorting like the Press Releases page and Events by Year and Category page as shown below:

They have also included a ?download to calendar? feature ? more and more companies are incorporating this onto their website. Mainly due to the ease with which investors can put this event in their calendar.

Many of the pages on Cytori?s site use tabbed content ? which is one of the customized features they wanted. For example, on the left-hand navigation of the Newsroom page there is a separate tab each for Press Releases, Cytori in the News and the Social media stream widget.

As shown in the image above, within each of the sections mentioned, the same tab sequence (Press Releases, Cytori in the News and Social Media) appears. Setting the tabs up this way makes it easy for visitors to navigate back and forth within each of these sections if they so desire.

The Stock Information page also has a tabbed display for multiple stock symbols which is accessible in the drop-down of the right pane:


Cytori?s site is a great example of a company who maximizes its social media efforts by integrating its channels throughout their entire site. They make it easy to access all sections and have put a lot of thought into the user experience, but providing multiple gateways for investors to access the information they want.


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