Investor and Analyst Trends on Using Digital and Social Media Webinar: Replay and Highlights

19 February 2013

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On Wednesday, February 13 we held a live discussion between our CEO, Darrell Heaps and Jason Golz, Director, Brunswick group on the Brunswick Group’s latest survey: Trends in the use of Digital & Social Media by the Investment Community.  You can view the survey findings in their entirety below:

It was a fantastic opportunity for both Darrell and Jason to discuss some of the changes that digital media is having on the world of IR. If you missed out on the webinar or would like to see it again please check out the replay of the video below:

Now for some HIGHLIGHTS:

  • 30% of investors use twitter to help investigate companies.
  • Investor reliance on digital media to gather information doubled since 2010.
  • 86% of investors say online (blogs, social media) sources have become more important this year with investors.
  • Investors making use of a number of different digital sources (company website, syndicated and traditional online publications, and social media).
  • 56% of investors report that the influence of digital and social media is increasing in their investment decision process.
  • Along with the growth of investor consumption of digital information, investors are also using social media & digital media to contribute investment information.
  • 24% of investors report making an investment decision after sourcing information from blogs.
  • 61% of US investors have been prompted to investigate an issue further after reading about it in a blog post.

We had several questions at the end and you scroll to 34:03 on the replay to hear them.  We also had some that we didn’t have time to answer on the live webinar. So be on the look out for a follow up post coming soon!

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