How to use Facebook to share information and engage Investors – Part 2

9 May 2013

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Facebook LogoLast week, we released Part 1 in a series about some of the most common practices of companies who are using Facebook for IR. This week, we talk about another common trend:

Pulling in RSS feeds from the IR website or blog to populate Facebook pages

Companies are increasingly configuring an RSS feed to populate their Facebook pages, and there seem to be several ways to tackle this from the company?s perspective. Many companies simply add news items and blog posts to their Facebook wall as they are published, but may also have a separate page for an RSS feed for these, grouping their press releases, articles and blog posts together.


Apache Corporation, for example, uses an RSS feed for their corporate news:


Using an RSS feed like this on Facebook keeps all of their relevant news in one place, so visitors can more easily weed out other Facebook activity and scan the news to quickly find what they need. By clicking on the title of the news item, visitors are linked to the source, usually the corporate website. Apache also links to their corporate news page, so visitors have a way to easily subscribe to the companies? RSS feeds.?

The Timken Company uses a slightly different application on Facebook to share their news. They use an RSS feed to show the most recent five or six news items (quarterly results, executive appointments, conference information). It clearly identifies it as a ?News? feed, and each news item links visitors back to the Timken corporate website newsroom:


Companies that post their press releases only on their Facebook wall feed as opposed to grouping them all in one place (such as a news or RSS page) put the onus on the reader to scroll through pages of threads to find what they are looking for. Having a separate news page with links to the company?s corporate website can help alleviate any frustration visitors feel from having to go through several pages of information.

Below we have provided some other examples of News/RSS feeds on public company Facebook pages:


A common trend with respect to corporate blogs is to provide a link to them from Facebook.

For example, Rackspace has a link to their corporate blog, but also goes a little further by displaying all the recent entries (see below) in their Facebook account. They include a ?Follow? link that lets users subscribe to their blog activity – we especially like how they have each blog post listed that links back to their website. They provide the first few sentences from each one so visitors don?t have to rely on the title alone or click the link to see if they are interested in reading the entire piece.


Iberdrola does not use a blog link, but posts individual blog entries on their Facebook wall. They provide a title and first sentence of the blog, and link it to their corporate website:


Aruba Networks previously used the ?Notes? page to gather all their blog posts, but they seem to be moving toward something similar to AGCO?s practice. In July 2012, Aruba Networks added a Note about their new online blog, linking to the new site, directing readers to the source. Notably, they have kept news items separate, sharing them as regular Facebook posts on their wall:

The third part in this series, will talk about how companies are using multimedia such as video and photos to highlight particular aspects of the business.


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