New 2013 Q4 Whitepaper Public Company Use of Social Media for IR: Part 1 Twitter & StockTwits

15 August 2013

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WhitePaperCover_TwitterStockTwits2013_Part1Over the last five years, Q4 Web Systems has performed research and analysis of public company use of social media for Investor Relations, producing several whitepapers and providing numerous examples of best practices. Evidence continues to support the fact that many public companies see value in using social media to increase awareness and engage with key constituents.

In 2013, we added over 100 new companies that use social media to our research sample, and performed a comprehensive data scrub, replacing delisted, merged and acquired companies. Our 2013 research sample includes 890 public companies, and our newest series of whitepapers, beginning with this paper on Twitter and StockTwits, provides the very latest metrics and examples.

As found in previous reports, Twitter continues to have the highest usage rates of all the social media platforms for Investor Relations purposes. This year?s research also shows significant growth of companies in our sample using Twitter for investor-related material – a total of 72% of companies use Twitter for IR, up 9% over our 2012 findings.

New findings also show that IROs are increasingly Twitter-savvy, using strategic tweets to deftly drive traffic to their website, share their message, and leverage other social media channels in a coordinated and integrated strategy. We found more examples of live-tweeting and IR-dedicated Twitter feeds in 2013. And growth in retweets and the use of #hashtags display increased comfort levels and engagement with the platform.

The online and social media landscape is constantly changing, and every year we add new and emerging tools to our research tracking. In addition to our existing metrics on social media use by channel, region, sector, etc., this year we began to track two new social media platforms and, in response to the massive growth of mobile internet use over the last few years, two emerging mobile tools:

  • 50% of companies have a company page on Google+.
  • 11% of companies have a company page on Pinterest.
  • 10% of companies have a mobile IR website.
  • 10% of companies have a mobile IR application.

Rather than looking at single examples of Twitter and StockTwits usage, this 2013 whitepaper provides five in-depth case studies that examine these companies? overall best practices, giving you a more comprehensive look at how IROs are taking advantage of the platforms. With five years of research data now to draw on, we have also added a new trends graph to the report.

Get a FREE copy of our new whitepaper today and find out about:

  • Best practices for live-tweeting quarterly conference calls, analyst/investor days and annual meetings.
  • Effective tactics to better target and serve your IR audience.
  • Innovative ways to share content from conferences and industry-related news/media coverage.
  • How StockTwits has emerged as a viable social channel for sharing financial information and corporate news in real-time.
  • How to effectively integrate Twitter and other social media with your IR website.




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