Top 3 Reasons Why Website Analytics Can Make Investor Relations Successful

17 September 2014

By Jason Brausewetter



A part of being successful in investor relations is being able to understand what is happening to your stock at any given time combined with knowing which investors are the most important for management to be meeting with.

Today, most of this insight comes through stock surveillance and targeting services. However, with more than 75% of investors accessing corporate websites on a monthly basis, IR teams are able to incorporate web analytics into their reporting to get an even clearer understanding of investor behavior online.

Here are the top 3 reasons why website analytics can make investor relations successful:

  1. Post earnings, most investor relations officers (IROs) along with their CEO and CFO go on the road to meet with investors and potential investors, aka, non-deal roadshow. Website analytics allow IROs to see which firms are on their website and what content they are looking at prior to the meeting allowing them to inform their management team of topics to focus on in the meeting.

  1. Post meeting with investors, IR teams can see the website activity and inform their surveillance analyst of the firm names and help the analyst triangulate who the buyers or sellers they are seeing are at the DTC level.  Stock Surveillance is not just a science, it’s an art and as such, analysts rely on interaction with the company to do their jobs effectively.

  1. If you’re an IRO that doesn’t use stock surveillance, the simple fact is that you are flying blind most of the time. This is especially true during pre/post non-deal roadshows. Using web analytics can help IROs gauge interest and better target their efforts to those firms that are demonstrating interest.

Along with these 3 reasons, one final thought to consider. As the world moves to mobile, website analytics need to be expanded to include the myriad of devices we all use. This, in addition to tracking both mobile website usage and mobile application use will provide a full scope of how your investor community is engaging with your content. While mobile technology brings new challenges in terms of providing an optimized experience across multiple platforms, it also offers an unprecedented opportunity to understand investor behaviour while they are away from their desks. Focusing not only on where you visitors are coming from, but also what devices they are using will provide you with essential insight on how to improve your investor website in the future.



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