Use Corporate Video to Communicate Your Investment Proposition

26 September 2014

By John Schoeler

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For today?s Website of the Week, we would like to single out YuMe and their use of corporate video to communicate their business structure and investment proposition. As regular readers of our blog will not doubt notice, there is a theme developing among our website of the week candidates. Taking advantage of the visual and multimedia possibilities of the web to communicate with investors is always going to catch our attention just as it does with the investor community at large.

Like most investor relations websites, YuMe?s starts off with an ?about? section that gives a brief description of the company and their business. This is meant to give visitors a solid introduction to the company and lay the groundwork for the investment proposition that will be established throughout the rest of the site.

On YuMe’s investor homepage, they share a short corporate video (only 1 minute and 35 seconds long) that provides extensive corporate info including: how the business works, who their customers are and key performance metrics. All this information is presented in a mix of voice over, actors and animation to make the most out of the short period of time and provide new visitors with a clear and succinct overview of the company. This way, new visitors get a clear understanding of the business right off the bat?that will have a huge influence on how they engage with the rest of the content on the investor website.

YuMe Home

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