Use SlideShare to embed corporate presentations and provide a seamless research experience

26 November 2014

By Rana Abdel Fattah



A few weeks back, we posted a short summary about some findings from a recent Rivel Research study. One of the main areas we highlighted had to do with buy-side professionals expressing that while corporate presentations are often one of the key pieces of content they are looking for on the investor website, the presentations can often be difficult to find. With your corporate presentations being so valuable to your investor community, your focus should be on making that content front and center.

In this week?s Website of the Week blog series, we will look at how AES (Applied Energy Services) Corporation, one of the world?s leading power companies, understands how to appeal to investors and analysts who visit their site. Through adding an ?Investor Presentation? section, AES makes it very easy for its analysts and investors to access financial reviews, annual reports, and other important information.

The advantage of adding the investor presentation section through SlideShare, right within the IR homepage, is that users don?t have to keep looking through the website in order to access the information they need. This is especially applicable for those looking to analyze or acquire financial information, as it becomes a click away.

The ultimate goal for any public company is to make it easy for its target audience (i.e. investors/analysts/media) to seek out information. AES surely impresses as it stands out among other public companies? IR sites by providing such necessary resources right from the start.





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