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30 December 2014

By Rana Abdel Fattah



In today?s Website of the Week blog, we would like to highlight Jacobs Engineering IR site and their Investor Calculator tool. The Investor Calculator is an incredibly useful tool for current investors to get a quick look at the progress and growth of their investment as well as for new / potential investors to see the performance of the company over a specific period of time. Jacobs has made their Investment Calculator tool readily available on the front page of their IR website, ensuring easy access.

Once a user selects the Investment Calculator, they are given the option to modify the start date and end date of the period of time they want to investigate, as well as choose from a number of different financial indexes that they can compare Jacobs? performance to.

Once they run the calculation, a pop up window appears, showing the growth of the stock performance between the start date and the end date. The pop up displays the growth in two different scenarios, one with distributions reinvested and one without reinvestment. The findngs are displayed both in metrics and in a graph. From collecting minimal information, Jacobs is able to provide their investors with a great look into the value and growth of their investment. By providing the index information for comparison, they are able to add context to the findings. This is an excellent tool for both new and old investors looking for quick access to the company’s financial performance.


Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 10.20.25 AM



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