Darrell Heaps discusses Q4 Quant Analytics on “The Disruptors”

4 December 2015

By Rana Abdel Fattah



Last night, Q4 Founder and CEO Darrell Heaps was featured on an episode of The Disruptors, a weekly series on BNN (Business News Network), dedicated to spotlight Canadian digital innovators. Amber Kanwar, anchor at BNN, sat down with Darrell to discuss the disruption Q4 brings to the IR communication and intelligence markets.

Below, are some highlights from Darrell’s discussion. You can also access the full segment here.

How Q4 Can Provide Insight Into Street Expectations

Darrell started off by noting that, one of the things that CFOs seek insight on, is what the street pricing is into their stock and what the street expectations are while approaching certain events like earnings. The Q4 analytics platform provides predictive data like investor sentiment, forward looking volatility and activist activity which can be extremely helpful for a CFO and CEO in determining their current and potential position in the market. 

Q4 Tracks Data Using Algorithms to Analyze Trading Activity.

Furthermore, Amber raises an important point by asking what differentiates Q4’s platform from those like Bloomberg or Reuters – which investors can readily access to figure out what analysts are expecting at a given quarter or even the following year. To this, Darrell underlines that Q4 looks at the overall market and the data that’s available, both in terms of the options and equities market. He explains that this is done by tracking data using algorithms to analyze trading activity, which is run by Q4’s data scientists and quantitative team.

In addition, Amber notes that part of what’s interesting about Q4’s platform is its predictive features, which are able to predict whether an activist might be interested in a certain stock. Darrell notes that an activist’s involvement in a company’s stock can be predicted through Q4’s indicator, which runs from 1-10 on the platform’s indicator.

Q4’s Growth Strategy

Lastly, Amber wraps up the segment by highlighting Q4’s growth strategy, asking Darrell about any difficulties growing throughout the years from having one to 600 customers. With significant growth in the U.S market especially, from the year 2010 onwards, Darrell notes that the U.S client base has been doubling year after year within the last three years or so. In terms of where Q4 is headed, Darrell points out to the tremendous opportunity ahead as the company raises more money, continues scaling the business both from a global sales perspective, as well as expanding its engineers and data scientists.


If you haven’t already, make sure you download the Q4 Touch app for free through the App Store or Google Play. The app will allow you to compare your peer’s performance against your own, and will assist you in forecasting any potential market changes that may have an effect on your market standing.


Also, be sure to check out the video here – and if you have any questions or comments, drop us a line below!


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