Darrell Heaps Talks Activism on BNN

2 February 2016

By Rana Abdel Fattah



For the second time, Q4 CEO Darrell Heaps was featured on Business News Network (BNN). Amber Kanwar, anchor at BNN, sat down with Darrell to discuss Q4?s stock surveillance and market intelligence capabilities, how to dig into market data for signs of activism and potential market movements in the coming weeks.

Below are some highlights from Darrell?s discussion – and you can access the full segment here.

Mining Market Data

Darrell provided some insight into how Q4?s Intelligence service unveils activity in the market, noting that Q4?s team of analysts are on the lookout to see who the buyers and sellers are of the particular stocks they cover. Q4 builds indicators that help understand what ?the money is really saying about the stocks? and, as Darrell notes, this isn?t simply about sentiment or about what people are saying on Twitter and other social media platforms. Rather, it?s about the money that?s being put down on a particular stock and what that potential means for its future market value.

Shareholder Activism in Canada and the U.S

Moreover, Darrell noted how shareholder activism has been a major theme across Canada and the U.S, indicating that Q4?s intelligence and surveillance solutions are able to uncover which stocks are most vulnerable in the market. Q4 indicators are always on the lookout for irregular trading patterns to identify activism. These irregular trading patterns are specific to how activists are taking positions in companies. Recently, options trading has become a prefered method for activists seeking to gain a position in a company without setting off any alarms internally. Q4 Intelligence is uniquely equipped to track the options trading and alert clients to movements in the options market before a substantial position has been gained.

To learn more, you can watch the full video of Darrell?s segment here.

You can also check out the first segment of Darrell?s segment here, which aired last December.


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