Six Ways Q4 Desktop Keeps You ahead of IR Trends

24 January 2017

By Jim Konz



Artificial intelligence, real-time data, increased activism: these are trends that will continue to affect IR professionals ? and how you work ? well into the future. When we built Q4 Desktop, we envisioned a product that would help you operate in a world that is more interconnected, segmented, and fast-paced.


All of the trends we?ve identified address the overarching trend of Big Data. We know that access to Big Data is going to make capital markets more transparent, but does more data necessarily mean an easier workflow?

The answer is no. More data ? and more complexity ? means that you need a solution to translate large datasets into actionable insights. You?need a solution that automates workflow in ways that will save time, enable more effective targeting, and improve communication between your?investors, management team, and board of directors. This is why we created Q4 Desktop: to make you the most effective you can be.

With every new Q4 Desktop release, we are making sure public companies are staying ahead of the most relevant trends in IR. We?ve got an exciting announcement coming out tomorrow, so keep an eye out on the blog for more on what we?ve done to make Q4 Desktop the most powerful tool in your IR arsenal.


Jim Konz is the vice-president of product management at Q4. Together with the product management and engineering teams, Jim is responsible for devising and executing the Q4 vision: releasing world-class products that make life easier for IROs.


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