[Product Release] Q4 launches “Pipeline” to automate investor relations deal flow

6 June 2018

By Marla Hurov



New Q4 Desktop feature brings enterprise sales pipeline management to IR workflow

Following the release of AI Targeting, earlier this week, we’re excited to introduce Pipeline to the market: a new Q4 Desktop feature to manage the flow of investment opportunities, in the same way enterprise sales teams use CRMs to manage a sales pipeline.

In many ways, an IRO’s role is similar to that of enterprise sales. The main difference is that you’re selling your company’s stock instead of your company’s product. So why is it that IROs have no way to effectively manage their investor pipeline?

At Q4, our mission is to make our clients leaders in investor relations. This means providing the best tools and insights needed to target the right investors, at the right time; and to manage the “deal” flow through to successful investment. That’s why we’ve built Pipeline: to empower IR teams with the ability to easily identify, track, and report on all targeting and investor outreach efforts.  

Traditional IR desktops lack pipeline management tools; In fact, they all require the use of CRM contact notes to manage investment opportunities. Because using notes is so challenging, many IROs continue to use excel to stay on top of deal flow, even though it’s inefficient, prone to error and impossible to report on.

All that of that changes today.

Modelled after today’s most popular sales CRMs, we’ve applied sales best practices and key performance indicators (KPIs) to the IRO’s workflow. With this release, IROs are now able to identify new deals and manage them across a series of ‘stages’ through to investment made. With an activity log associated with each deal, you can now streamline your workflow and accurately report ROI to senior management.



Pipeline helps IR teams plan, track, manage and report on deal flow by:

  • Segmenting opportunities, preserving the base and increasing high-quality investors
  • Measuring the success of investor meetings and roadshows
  • Providing a visual overview of entire investor pipeline
  • Assessing how messaging is resonating with institutions
  • Identifying where investment opportunities are getting “stuck”
  • Calling-out outreach efforts that demonstrate strong ROI



Pipeline is designed to streamline your workflow, from initial meeting to nurturing and investment made. With Pipeline you can:

  • Build, prioritize, and manage investment deals, assigning a value, stage, and required next steps to move deals closer to closing
  • Leverage “purchasing power” to determine the market value of your pipeline, by the deal, stage, and in its entirety
  • View a combined weighted market value of all deals and spot where investments are getting “stuck”.
  • Automatically track each deal and how much the target investor has bought or sold since the deal’s creation
  • Precisely report on all deals which have met their objectives and establish ROI for reporting

You’ll have robust pre and post meeting and ownership analytics to easily measure the success of every meeting and determine your actual impact on ownership. It also offers an instant snapshot of all your outreach efforts, for invaluable transparency into the factors that are and aren’t working.



Q4 Desktop is the only CRM to fully integrate a pipeline management tool designed for IR professionals. From tracking investor conversations, to translating the meetings you’re putting in front of your executives into valuable shareholder insights; Pipeline empowers you with unprecedented transparency into the whole targeting process. For the first time in the industry’s history, you can effectively and efficiently drive your pipeline of investor opportunities to the next level.

For more information about Pipeline and how to take your targeting efforts to the next level,  contact sales@q4inc.com or request a demo today.


Marla Hurov is the Content Marketing Manager at Q4 Inc and blogs regularly about trends in IR and digital communications.



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