AMD’s partnership with Q4 Surveillance case study.

AMD Case Study

AMD, a personal computer microprocessor industry giant, recognized they had an opportunity to enhance their existing investor relations strategy. With a new head of investor relations and a substantial growth plan, AMD needed to ensure that they attracted the right shareholders for their long-term value proposition.

The AMD and Q4 partnership is a testament to the power of data-driven decision-making in investor relations surveillance. AMD’s head of investor relations collaborated closely with their dedicated Q4 analyst and leveraged the in-depth reporting provided by Q4. This illuminated critical insights into invaluable light on market dynamics and stock trading movement.

This collaboration has equipped AMD with a deeper understanding of stock movements, empowering the company to effectively communicate pertinent information to its leadership and strategically target high-value shareholders. The complete case study on AMD’s collaboration with Q4 is downloadable below, or speak to one of our experts about our surveillance offerings.

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