The strategic partnership of Lion Electric Co. with Q4 for a dual-listing IPO.

Lion Electric dual listing IPO website

Lion Electric Co., established in 2008, stands at the forefront of designing and manufacturing zero-emission, all-electric, medium and heavy-duty urban vehicles. Initially driven by a vision to revamp the environmental footprint of school buses, Lion Electric Co. has extended its mission to urban transportation and commercial vehicles.

In May 2021, Lion Electric Co. debuted on the TSX and NYSE. Isabelle Adjahi, the newly joined VP of Investor Relations and Sustainable Development, needed to prepare for the company’s dual-listing IPO. In addition, she needed to institute a fresh IR strategy and prepare the executive team to manage their quarterly earnings reporting. 

Developing a comprehensive solution for a dual-listing IPO.

Isabelle commended Q4’s proactive approach, consolidated reporting, and user-friendly platform, saving her time and significantly reducing the stress of managing a dual listing. According to Isabelle, the technology and integrated solutions offered within the Q4 Platform were game-changers, acting as extensions of her team and efficiently handling the complex requirements of a newly dual-listed company. It provided integrated conference calls, webcasts, slides, and website updates, eliminating the hassles of managing multiple vendors and technologies.

“As a newly listed company, I was taken care of by Q4 from the IR website and earnings perspective. Someone from Q4 was holding my hand through every step of the process.” - Isabelle Adjahi, VP of Investor Relations and Sustainable Development

Strategizing success and measuring impact.

Isabelle utilized Q4’s services to strategize Lion Electric’s story delivery and communications. For companies like Lion Electric Co. going through the dual-listing IPO process, having a partner like Q4 can make the experience seamless, empowering them to maintain a clear, consistent, and confident communication strategy with the investor community.

By leveraging integrative solutions like those offered by Q4, IR professionals can ensure that their companies’ stories are not just heard but are also understood and valued by their stakeholders. See the full story about Lion Electric Co.’s path to IPO and discover how Q4 was crucial in enabling effective and transparent communications with the investor community by downloading the full case study below. Also, if you’re looking for Q4’s expertise on investor relations tools and strategies, you can speak to one of our experts.

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