European Accessibility Act Compliance: What IROs Need to Know and How to Prepare [Webinar On-Demand]

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Whether your organisation currently does business in the European Union (EU), or plans on tapping into the EU market, you’ll need to comply with the European Accessibility Act (EAA). With enforcement of the EAA beginning in June 2025, now is the time to ensure you are prepared.

Q4 partners with the industry leader in digital accessibility, Level Access, to deliver websites that adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) technical standards, the Equality Act, and the European Accessibility Act (EAA). In this webinar we will hear insights from Jon Avila, Level Access Chief Accessibility Officer.

As an IR professional, learn what actions you need to take today to meet the EAA’s digital accessibility requirements and gain the clarity you need to stay ahead of your legal obligations.

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