Investor Relations Engagement Benchmarking is Here!

Investor Relations Engagement Benchmarking

In an environment of uncertain macroeconomic conditions, static or declining Investor Relations budgets, and significant innovations in capital markets communications, your IR peers at competitor companies are finding never-before-seen ways to quantity, demonstrate, and improve the performance of their function, but often struggle to get accurate engagement benchmarking. 

As an investment relations professional, do you find yourself in a position where you have to:

  • Quantify or even defend your program’s progress, suggestions, or achievements … especially if the stock price isn’t telling the same story?
  • Provide quantifiable metrics to evaluate your program’s performance and the return on investment for IR.

Despite the growing expectations above, two main roadblocks have limited an IRO’s ability to show this kind of return on investment. They include:

  1. The impossibility of tracking existing shareholders’ and potential shareholders’ behaviors and interactions across digital and traditional channels such as web pages, online events, email, and human interactions with your team and your organization’s executives. As we’ve discussed in our eBook on the topic, this has often been the result of not tracking all the data required and/or using disparate, unintegrated data systems to track it.
  2. Lack of access to similar, aggregated data regarding your peer sector and market cap.

These challenges are complex, and they have plagued IR for years. Partial solutions – whereby a vendor or partner innovates to connect some portion of the disparate data sets above – have proliferated in the last several years. But we know they’re not good enough. While a limited view is better than nothing, it doesn’t enable the breadth or depth of insights required for your program to excel and receive its well-earned recognition. 

An Engagement Benchmarking Solution

Enter Q4’s one-of-a-kind Engagement Benchmarking, a solution that provides all of the rich and comprehensive data regarding your shareholders’,  potential shareholders’, and analysts’ behaviors and interactions on a single, integrated platform … not only relative to your own organization but compared with your sector, market cap, and institutional engagement benchmarking as well. It’s a game changer for Investor Relations.

Our proprietary platform puts millions of digital investor interactions and the activity happening across thousands of IR websites and events at your fingertips.

Armed with this data, you can:

  • Determine exactly how well your IR content and event strategy are performing with engagement benchmarking across market caps and sectors.
  • Easily access the complexity of data to clearly show the progress you are making in your IR efforts.
  • Immediately uncover how much and how many investors and potential investors care about you or your sector.

Not an Engagement Analytics User Yet? Check out our video demo or get in touch here.

All this and more is possible with Q4’s Capital Connect™ platform.  

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