The IR Breakfast Roundtable Series: Planning a Successful Event


Capital Markets Days (CMDs) present a significant opportunity for companies to communicate their strategy, vision, and value proposition to investors, analysts, and other stakeholders. However, planning a successful CMD can be challenging. In a recent installment of our IR Breakfast Roundtable Series, IR professionals gathered to discuss best practices, common hurdles, and innovative approaches to CMD planning.

Preparation is key: start planning early

The roundtable consensus: Begin your CMD preparations at least 3 months in advance, ideally 6+ months out. This allows ample time to secure venues (particularly in major cities), refine your messaging, and coordinate with stakeholders.

Purpose: your guiding star

Before diving into logistics, clearly define the purpose of your CMD. Is it to introduce new leadership, communicate a major strategic shift, or address a specific investor concern? Your purpose will shape the appropriate format, content, and communication strategies.

CMD formats: balancing tradition and innovation

  • Traditional formats remain popular, including presentations, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities.
  • Hybrid and virtual formats have expanded accessibility and reach.

Consider alternatives

  • Pre-recordings: Create pre-recorded presentations to free up time for live Q&A and discussions.
  • In-person-only events: Increase engagement for those attending in person, ensuring strong follow-up research coverage for wider accessibility.
  • Granting access to multiple speakers: Provide a platform for diverse voices within your organization, offering multiple perspectives to investors and analysts.
  • Site visits: For companies with significant physical operations, site visits offer a tangible understanding of your business.
  • De-constructed CMDs: Break down the event into smaller, focused sessions to allow deeper dives into specific topics.

Navigating CMD planning

  • The role of brokers and PR agencies: These partners can be instrumental in initiating CMD discussions and providing logistical and communication support.
  • Internal collaboration: Open communication between management, IR teams, and external advisors is crucial for developing a cohesive and impactful CMD strategy.
  • First-time planners: Roundtable discussions can be valuable for first-time planners.  Discussions can emphasize the complexities of CMD planning and highlight the value of expert support.

Harnessing AI for CMD success

AI tools can transform CMD preparations:

  • Analyze peer transcripts: AI platforms can quickly dissect competitor transcripts, uncovering market trends and strategic insights.
  • Streamline Content Development: AI can assist with content generation and repurposing, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Introducing the Q4 IR Ops Platform

Q4’s IR Ops Platform features new AI capabilities to help streamline your CMD planning and execution. Learn more about our single, powerful platform for investor relations.


A well-executed CMD can significantly impact investor perception and company valuation. By starting early, defining a clear purpose, exploring innovative formats, and leveraging technology, IR teams can create CMDs that truly deliver value. Q4 offers technology and services to facilitate best practice CMDs from initial planning, including investor targeting, through event analytics to feed initiatives thereafter.

Let Q4 help you take your IR events to the next level. Contact us today!

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