Rebuilding Wendy’s investor relations website to attract the right investors.

Wendy's investor relations rebranding site

Wendy’s investor relations rebranding story.

In the 1980s, a catchy phrase arose from Wendy’s®, the global quick-service restaurant franchise: “Where’s the beef?” It began as a demand for more burger meat but has since evolved to represent the idea of seeking more from a company. Wendy’s aimed to be “the most beloved” restaurant brand worldwide. Their fresh ingredients, commitment to societal betterment, and initiatives like Wendy’s Wonderful Kids showcased this ambition.

However, their digital presence had a missing ingredient: Wendy’s investor relations (IR) website. Marsha Gordon, Wendy’s Manager of Shareholder Relations, recognized the site’s dated look and tricky navigation. She realized the need for a fresh, clear, and engaging site representing Wendy’s brand.

Enter Q4. Chosen for its specialized expertise in designing IR sites, Q4’s “Studio One” theme-based solution provided the flexibility and best practices Wendy’s was seeking. The redesigning process was collaborative and efficient, resulting in a visually appealing, user-friendly site with a substantial ESG section fitting for modern-day investors.

Wendy’s senior management praised the site, and Marsha was even awarded a “CFO Award” for her efforts. Now, Wendy’s has a strong digital presence echoing Wendy’s overarching mission to be globally recognized and cherished.

Interested in seeing the full story of their transformation? Explore the full case study below and discover how a renowned franchise remade its digital presence for the investor community.

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