The New NYSE Issuer Services Program: Supporting Great IR Through Great Partnerships

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It’s wonderful to see the continuous evolution occurring at the New York Stock Exchange to meet the needs of corporate issuers. Q4 takes great pride in having an expanded presence in the new enhanced NYSE Issuer Services program for NYSE-listed companies. This program offers new and existing listed companies access to a suite of complementary products and services that serve as best-of-breed IR solutions and services and truly represent the essential components of an innovative and effective IR program. 

Q4 has been a key part of the issuer services program since 2015, providing website development and hosting, and webcasting services. In the past year, we proudly partnered with NYSE on hundreds of  IPO’s and  SPACs. We are thrilled to now play an expanded role in this revised program, offering a broad list of virtual events that go beyond quarterly earnings calls, including but not limited to investor days, ESG events, corporate town halls, and partnering with the NYSE to host in-person events at the Exchange with the benefit of video broadcasting.

 As companies responded to the coronavirus pandemic, many IR teams adopted a virtual component to their stakeholder engagement strategy out of necessity. In making this shift, IR professionals quickly saw the benefits of virtual communications and how they were able to more effectively and more frequently communicate with stakeholders, while reducing costs and increasing overall engagement results. An ongoing virtual communications strategy, blended with a return to in-person events, is now considered a core component of an effective IR outreach plan.

Helping corporate issuers discover, communicate, and engage with the investment community is at the heart of Q4’s mission. We do our best work for our clients when we can provide our unique, data-driven insights resulting from the combined data of both web and events traffic, allowing us to alert our clients of activists taking an interest in their story, as well as highlight investor interest they may not have been aware of. We look forward to working with the NYSE NYSE Issuer Services program and serving this group of world-class listed companies.

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